The Meaning of Passover

Passover is an awesome celebration of the mighty power of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But as I look around the Web and read the newspapers and listen to people talk, it seems like there are many different Passovers. Some proclaim it to be the celebration of human freedom, others say it is a reminder that we must free ourselves from those things that enslave us, and still others claim that we must understand the "contemporary" meaning of Passover. Where do these interpretations come from? Certainly not from the Scriptures

Passover in a Union Camp: 1862

This is an historical account of a soldier in the Union army and a Passover seder held in a Civil War army camp in 1862.

If You Believe That People Are Basically Good

If you believe people are born good, you will attribute evil to forces outside the individual. That is why, for example, our secular humanistic culture so often attributes evil to poverty. They really believe that people who strap bombs to their bodies to blow up families in pizzerias in Israel, plant bombs at a nightclub in Bali, slit stewardesses' throats, and ram airplanes filled with innocent Americans into office buildings do so because they lack sufficient incomes. Something in these people cannot accept the fact that many people have evil values and choose evil for reasons having nothing to do with their economic situation.

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