Rosh HaShanah: The Truth About the Real Biblical New Year

How did the new year end up being celebrated on the first day of the seventh month? Was the commandment concerning the beginning of the new year later changed by Yahweh to a different date? Or perhaps there something lost in the translation from Hebrew to English?

Israel's Right To The Land

Understanding of the situation in Israel is convoluted because of many different beliefs and attitudes regarding, among other things, peace and freedom. Misunderstandings regarding the reasons for the fighting abound, even among followers of the God of Israel. The agendas — hidden and otherwise — of many of the key players are also involved. In its simplest terms, the "conflict" in Israel is being waged by those who are fighting (whether intentionally or not) against the God of Israel, the Creator of the universe.

If You Believe That People Are Basically Good

If you believe people are born good, you will attribute evil to forces outside the individual. That is why, for example, our secular humanistic culture so often attributes evil to poverty. They really believe that people who strap bombs to their bodies to blow up families in pizzerias in Israel, plant bombs at a nightclub in Bali, slit stewardesses' throats, and ram airplanes filled with innocent Americans into office buildings do so because they lack sufficient incomes. Something in these people cannot accept the fact that many people have evil values and choose evil for reasons having nothing to do with their economic situation.

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