The Altar of Joshua on Har Eval

Many people believe that regathering of a Jewish remnant to the land of Israel in 539 bce was prophesied in Scripture. If that's true, how does it relate to what Yahweh has stated in Scripture? If it wasn't the regathering, then what was it?

What Does It Mean to Take Yahweh's Name in Vain?

Almost since it was given, people have formulated many different meanings to this commandment. Some say it means to not use Yahweh's name (actually they mean the word "God", and not Yahweh, His actual name) when swearing or using curse words. Others say it means to not swear by His name, again, using the word "God" and not His actual name, Yahweh. This article seeks to understand what the actual Hebrew says and not what word the translators have assigned.

What Is So Important About Jerusalem?

Why would the world be so concerned with an ancient city like Jerusalem? It is located approximately 27 miles inland from the coast. It has no natural resources. Most of it is built upon the ruins of previous structures. What makes it so important that the United Nations would set it apart from any other city or nation in the entire world? Why is Jerusalem so important to all of the nations of the world?

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