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Abstract vs. Concrete: How Hebraic Thought Differs from Greek

This video is part of the Mechanical Translation of the Hebrew Bible project, produced by Jeff A. Benner. The purpose of the project is to remove all bias in the translation of the Hebrew Scriptures. Benner has created a method that does almost exactly that. Using this method, the reader is better able to understand the Hebrew Scriptures exactly how they were written, with their original meaning intact.

The video explains how using Western, Greek-based thought, the reader can obtain an entirely different meaning than what was originally intended. By using a Hebraic-based thought pattern, the reader can clearly understand the original intent of the writer.

The complete mechanical translation is a work in progress. However, a translation of the book of Genesis is available.

Benner has also written an excellent ancient Hebrew lexicon of the Bible. It will also aid you in your study of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Be sure to read the article, Hebrew Thought, written by Jeff A. Benner.

» Video produced by the Ancient Hebrew Research Center

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Cherryl Tavares
October 11, 2011 - 11:55 AM MDT

In very little time, thus far, you have really opened my eyes to a new way of understanding the Bible. I pray you never go off course, continue to be lead by The Holy Spirit. I do, however have a question for you, "what is your view on the role Holy Spirit plays in our lives. I believe He is a person or being andHe is The third person of The Holy Trinity. These teaching don't say anything against Him, leading me to believe you believe in the same God I do, because of course HOLY Spirit leads to Jesus and Jesus to Our Father in Heaven. So, "what do you believe about Holy Spirit?

July 5, 2011 - 09:44 AM MDT

I very much appreciate your work! This is wonderful!

Thank you.

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