An Ugly Reality Only the Most Enlightened Refuse to Concede

I recently found the following short article while going back through my old e-mails. It's written by Rabbi Berel Wein. While it's not the Torah reading for this week, it's still a very good, concise statement regarding the essence of man. Contrary to what many people believe, man is not really good. Yahweh Himself said it after the flood (Genesis 8.21)

The Tithe — Is It Still Applicable Today?

Despite teachings to the contrary, the purpose of the tithe is to provide for the Levities. We are free to give as we are able and to where we feel is needed.

Israel's Right to the Land, in Spite of What the Nations Say

Yahweh gave the land bordered by the Nile and Euphrates Rivers, and the Mediterranean Sea and the wilderness of Jordan to the Jewish people as an eternal possession.

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