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Learn Biblical Hebrew

eTeacher's Classical Hebrew Program (Biblical Hebrew)

eTeacher is proud to present its Classical Hebrew program (Biblical Hebrew), providing a unique opportunity to learn Hebrew as it was spoken in Biblical times. eTeacher brings the most experienced teachers and scholars of Biblical Hebrew directly to you, so you can increase your understanding and appreciation of Biblical texts in their original language.

eTeacher is the world's foremost online language academy. Students participate in a virtual classroom and learn from certified, native instructors, located half a world away. The hallmarks of eTeacher's language courses are live online instruction, flexible hours, and the convenience of learning from home or office.

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eTeacher's teaching diagram
eTeacher's teaching diagram

eTeacher's Language Teaching Method

The backbone of eTeacher's system is our virtual classrooms. A typical class has one instructor and six to eight students, each logging in from the comfort of their home or office. eTeacher's virtual classrooms employ video conferencing technology over the Web. Instructors deliver multimedia lessons including video, images, text, and audio.

Before a course begins, students receive a package from eTeacher through the mail that includes course workbooks, CD ROM, and a PC headset.

The teacher controls and directs the rhythm of each lesson based on the progress and the needs of the students. Every lesson includes assessments, drills, and comprehension checkpoints. After each lesson, students are required to complete pre-assigned homework exercises from the workbooks.

Hebrew University Offers Acredited eTeacher Biblical Hebrew Courses

As of January 2010, Hebrew University, in collaboration with eTeacher, began to offer its very first online, accredited Biblical Hebrew courses to overseas students. The Hebrew University's Humanities Program is ranked in the top 100 university programs worldwide.

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