Stop blaming Satan!

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Those of us who live in the United States seem to want to blame everybody else for our problems. We don't want to be held personally accountable for anything that happens to us. We tend to blame all the bad things that happen to us on Satan, no matter what they are. Our reasoning seems to be: if it's good it must be from God; if it's bad it must be from Satan. The problem is, however, that many times the bad things that happen to us are our fault.

I know a man, for instance, who recently had major heart surgery, which he blames on Satan. However, the fact is, for the better part of his life he did not eat very healthy and did not exercise. If someone lives that kind of a lifestyle, is it any wonder that they would have some heart problems? But why blame Satan? If someone smokes cigarettes for 30 years and develops lung cancer, is that Satan's fault?

When we blame Satan for the problems that we ourselves have caused we are giving him undue glory. We are saying that our God was not able to keep us from this situation when the truth of the matter is we caused the problem in the first place. We need to start taking responsibility for our actions. Don't give God's enemies credit for things they have never done. Rather, live responsibly and give God glory for His interaction in your life.

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