Vatican Deems Jews Unfit to Control Jerusalem

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It seems that the Roman Catholic Church believes that Israel cannot be trusted to reign over the city of Jerusalem. Its legal adviser David Jaeger, told an international conference in Haifa Tuesday that Jerusalem was too important a city to leave in the hands of Jews. Now where does that sound like it's coming from?

Jerusalem is like no other city that has ever existed — or currently exists — on the face of the earth. In 1947, six months before the declaration of the State of Israel, the United Nations declared that Jerusalem was a corpus separatum ("body of separate covenant"). This means, basically, that the UN separated the city of Jerusalem from the rest of the world and created a separate covenant for it. This has never been done before in all of history. In 1950 the UN adopted the Statute for the City of Jerusalem setting forth the regulations for the administration of the city of Jerusalem by the United Nations. It would be an international city; it would not be linked to, or controlled by, any nation or government except the United Nations. The Vatican was a part of the effort to gain UN control of Jerusalem. But why?

Jerusalem has never been important to the nations unless it was important to Israel. When Israel started to return to the Land in large numbers during the late 1800's, the nations began to stir. Jerusalem is important to the Holy One of Israel — the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It's the place that He has chosen to dwell in the midst of His creation (Ezekiel 5.5; 16.6-14; Jeremiah 3.17; Ezekiel 43.1-4; Zechariah 1.14; Zechariah 1.16; 2.12; 8.3). It's also the place where God will judge the nations (Zechariah 12.2-3,9; 14.12).

And that's what makes Jerusalem so important to the Vatican. With Jerusalem in Jewish hands, the Vatican knows that it's not long before the Lord's return when He will set up His eternal Kingdom, reigning from Mount Moriah — the Temple Mount — in the midst of Jerusalem. And that will be the end of the Vatican's reign.

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